What Causes Ice Buildup on Air Conditioning Units?

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Why is Ice Forming on Your AC Unit and What Can You Do About it?

A home’s HVAC system is typically in a state of constant circulation, moving warm air from the inside of the house to the outside. This helps to keep a home at an even temperature that is then regulated with a thermostat. When you turn your AC unit on during summer, it pumps cool air through the vents and through your ductwork, which is sent throughout your house.


If you are noticing thick sheets of ice accumulating on your AC unit, this could be because ice has built up on or near one or more parts of the AC unit – typically something like a drainpipe outside or inside that can’t drain quickly enough when it gets too cold out.

The buildup of ice will also prevent proper circulation, so you may need to get up in there and remove some.


5 Common Causes of Ice Buildup On Air Conditioning Units

Ice buildup is a common problem that happens to air conditioning units. It can be caused by several things, but there are some common causes of ice buildup on an AC unit.

Some of these causes include:

  • Water flow: Air conditioning units have water in them and this moisture can cause the buildup. The colder the outside is, the more likely it is that buildup will happen
  • Dirt or debris: Debris and dirt can block your cooling coils, which will cause the AC to work harder than it should. This will lead to ice build-up
  • Dirty filters: Dirty filters restrict airflow which causes your air conditioner to work harder and longer – which in turn leads to ice build-up over time
  • Lack of Inlet: The longer your cooling unit is running, the more likely it will be to ice up. Running your AC for an extended amount of time, like overnight, can also lead to ice buildup
  • Energy efficiency: Run cool air at a low speed and you’re less likely to have this problem.


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AC is one of the most crucial components in any house. When it’s not working properly, it can be a huge deal. This is because the temperature will start to rise and it can’t cool off a room or house. The problem with ACs is that they require premium maintenance and expensive repairs when they break down.


So how do you avoid these issues? The best way to go about this is by being proactive with your AC unit. Make sure that you have an annual maintenance schedule for your AC unit and check to see if any objects are blocking the unit or see if the filters require any cleaning or replacement.


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